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Similar to diet and exercise, IV Infusions & Boosters are more beneficial when taken regularly. Prime Infusion Memberships were created with you in mind: achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness. Boost your health. Become a Prime Infusion member today and receive not only the best for your body but also the best membership advantages!


One Recharge Infusion


This powerful infusion is packed with Vitamin C, magnesium & B-complexes boosts your immune system and energy levels.



Two Vitamin B12 Booster Shots


Vitamin B12 gives you both a metabolism and energy boost.  This Vitamin is also known to increase mental clarity and improve your mood.


One Wellness Infusion 


This infusion is packed with B-complexes, magnesium, Vitamin C & Glutathione (the “Mother of Antioxidants”). It helps decrease free radicals, regenerates vitamin C & E, assists the liver and gallbladder when processing fats, protects against cellular and tissue damage and leaves your skin glowing.


Two Vitamin B12 Booster Shots


Vitamin B12 gives you a metabolism, mood and energy boost, as well as helping to increase mental clarity.


Two MIC Booster Shots

MIC aids weight loss by helping to improve the breakdown of fat in the liver and speeds metabolism. Vitamin B12 & MIC are combined in one injection.


One Power Infusion


 This infusion is packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids.  This infusion will help revitalize your body and recover.


Two Vitamin B12 Booster Shots

Vitamin B12 gives you both a metabolism and an energy boost.  It is also known to increase mental clarity and boost mood.

Is located inside of 

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Visit Grace Rilefor all of your medical spa needs including botox, derma fillers, skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, laser hair removal, acne treatment, microblading & more!

Waxed by Noy, also at our location offers waxing, brow tinting and dermaplaning

Healthy skin is a reflection of your overall wellness. When you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you look good. Let the medical professionals at Prime Infusion Lounge and Grace Riley Aesthetics help you to look and feel like the very best version of yourself, contact us today!

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